Essential Oils for Growing Pains

If you have intense growing pains that you may hear your bones cracking in your body, maybe you just can lay on the sofa as well as cry in agony. The fact is that there is no concrete definition of what growing pains are. Actually, children experience pain because of not getting enough vitamins or nutrients for growing. That’s why vitamins and nutrients are very important for them. In this article, we will help you learn about trying essential oils to keep children from growing pains.

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Stop Growing Pains with Essential Oils

Growing pains normally occur in the limbs of some young children. This condition is no fun for any baby and young child. Luckily, there are some great things for these neurological pains in the limbs of children.

Lavender Essential Oils

This oil is used to sooth and calm pain. The thing you need to do is applying a few drops. Then, massage it deep into your children’s legs as well as arms. Also, do this for other pains.

Chamomile Essential Oils

This oil is a great choice for your children’s growing pains. The oil offers powerful anti-inflammatory as well as anti-infection properties. That’s why it’s perfect for killing the arthritic pain. Moreover, it can be able to stop this type of pain.

Grow Ease Essential Oils

This is actually a kid-friendly mixture of essential oils. It’s safe for children. You can apply it to wherever your children hurt. In addition, the essential oil has smelled like fruit jelly enveloped in an aromatic scent.

Age Appropriate Essential Oils for Growing Pains

Age Appropriate Essential Oil Blends

  • Under 2 years:For these children, we should apply 10 drops MYRRH lavender essential oil, 5 drops MYRRH roman chamomile essential oil, and 10 drops PT Rosalina essential oil as well.
  • 2+ years: During this stage, your children need 15 drops PT Rosalina essential oil, 10 drops MYRRH sweet marjoram essential oil, 10 drops MYRRH lavender essential oil, 4 drops MYRRH turmeric essential oil, 5 drops MYRRH roman chamomile essential oil, and 8 drops MYRRH juniper berry essential oil.
  • 6+ years: If your children are 6 or more, you should apply 20 drops MYRRH juniper berry essential oil, 15 drops MYRRH sweet marjoram essential oil, 15 drops PT Rosalina essential oil, 15 drops MYRRH lavender essential oil, 5 drops MYRRH turmeric essential oil, and 5 drops MYRRH roman chamomile essential oil.
  • 10+ years: For these children, we recommend you to use the adult Muscle Mender salve instead. You need to get an eight ounce. In fact, you need a mixture of a carrier oil, a tad vitamin E, and various essential oils.
    It’s essential to keep the mixture in a cool dark place like a bathroom or a cabinet. Also, you can store it in a desk drawer.


When you have a bath, it’s best to take a minute amount of oilinto your arms and legs. By this way, you can squelch those annoying growing pains. We recommend you to use an Epsom bath.

Causes of Having Growing Pains

Aching Muscle tissue

Young children actually are active all day. They can run, swim, jump, or roll in the grass. The fact is that your children may get the muscles tired at the end of a busy day because of all these physical activities.

Active Legs

It may be associated with the active leg condition that has the impact on the legs to feel active as well as sore all night long. And, your children surely feel unpleasant with this.

More Nutrition

The growing years for children are shown by a need for increased nutritional requirements. If you can’t deal with these needs with the right attention, you will face various complaints such as painful legs. There are many considerations as lack of calcium, iron, vitamin D, as well as other essential minerals. In addition, inadequate consumption of water needs to be considered.

Heat & Essential Oils


Heat is perfect for reducing pain specifically muscle pain. There are two heat options for you to choose from. They include taking a sizzling bath and applying a warm compress to the affected area. They work wonderfully independently. However, you still can consider the pluses of the essential oils to reduce the growing pains. Both of them can be able to help your child to calm down. Also, they help them relax a lot more.


You have to fill the tub full of hot water. Remember to add one-half cup of wonderful Epsom salts in the bathtub. Epsom salt can be able to help dilute the essential oils in the bath water. This oil is safe for children. It can help to calm tense muscle tissues. In addition, you can also use a herbal compress.

To do this, you need to combine chamomile and lavender flower petals. Apply them to some sizzling water. Chamomile and lavender are very relaxing in the body. In order to calm the tense muscle tissues, you should put the mixture to the painful areas. It’s best to do this several times.


This post gives you some testimonies of how essential oils time, as well as time, again stopped growing pains. Also, you have some recipes to apply to your child once they have the growing pains. Hopefully, you can get some useful information when it comes to using essential oils for growing pains through this article.

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