How To Keep Your Grooming Clipper In Good Condition

Clipper is one of the most critical equipment if you want to shave your dog’s coat at home. You will need it as long as you want your dog to look nice and tidy. This might reason why many people try to look for reviews of dog grooming clipper to ensure they can find the best one.

However, giving appropriate care for the clipper is also an important factor. It will decide whether your clipper will work well for a long time or not. If you always do this task by yourself, this post will help you a lot in maintaining your grooming clipper.

Keep the blade always shape


When using the grooming clipper, the blade is the thing that you should pay more attention than other components. This component is what response for cutting down the hair of the dogs.

Whether you realize or not, the blade will be eventually worn out. As it has to contact with the hair of your four leg friend. Depending on your dog type and the age, the blade will be wear. This will prevent you to have a fast and beautiful grooming.

To retain the sharpness of the blade, you can reduce the dirt and sometimes the small stone in the coat of your dog. Those are the things will rapidly ruin the blade of grooming clipper. By brushing the coat, you can decline the chance your blade is broken.

You should apply the oil to the blade before grooming as well. It will reduce wear on the metal cutting edge. Consequently, it will make the blade sharper and can last longer than you can think.

Another device for you is to brush away hair, dirt, and debris from your blade teeth. Both form the upper and lower blade teeth. It will make the blade look nice and more important, the hair and dirt stick on the blade will not decline the blade performance.


Restore the blade

You had better know the correct way to restore the blade unless you want to own a rusted blade. Avoid to locate the blade in the area that high of moisture, because it will quickly damage your blade.

Before storing the blade, you should make sure the blade is totally clean. This will make you pleased for the next time using it. A drop of oil is necessary since it will prevent the blade contact directly with the air.

Then you can wrap it in oiled paper which is provided by the manufacturer. And store it for the next time. By this way, you can prolong the durability of the device and pay less for this produce.

Sharpen the blade

When you find the blade is worn, or you figure out, the blade does not work well like it used to be. This is the right time to sharpen the blade. You can send them to the manufacturer if they are in charge of sharpening it or they do it with low fee.

If you don’t know whether the producer will sharpen your blade or not. You can find and contact with some local one who sharpens the blade for local professional groomers. It might be faster than wait for the response of the manufacturer.

In the case the blade is too old or rusted, the best choice for you is to replace it. The new one, of course, will be cleaner and sharper. Besides, it might be the best option if the pay for sharpening is high, replace a new one will better than try to sharpen old blade.

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