Portable Ice Maker vs. your Refrigerator

One of the most basic home appliances for the kitchen is, of course, a refrigerator. While you had to own a stove as the main source of heat, you must have a refrigerator as the main source of cold. Not only keeping your raw ingredients in fresh and good condition, refrigerators can also freeze water into ice. These days, there is even a kitchen appliance that not only can it make ice for you, it can also be placed more conveniently. Yes, that is the portable ice maker that is so popular nowadays.

Refrigerator with Ice maker
Refrigerator with Ice maker

One topic that is frequently discussed once the portable ice maker made it to the public market is the comparison between the new product and the old good fridge. Now, you must own a refrigerator at home—that’s very basic—but how many of you that own a portable ice maker ready to use at home? Using the portable ice maker vs. refrigerator as the big theme, here are several benefits of each kitchen appliance.

The good old refrigerator, of course, has the advantage of being able to not only produce ice but also to keep your food and drink in quality. You can keep your food in good condition and your drink cold to satisfy your thirst. There are many refrigerators that are small in size these days, and they are quite easy to move.

Portable ice maker, as the name says, has the advantage of being easy to place wherever you like it. Being portable is the most fundamental benefit you can get from having a portable ice maker. You can take the independent appliance with you on vacation. Making ice and having a fresh beverage on the road is no longer a problem.

Being able to function not only as an ice maker, the refrigerator is definitely a good investment for the long run. If you don’t really use your kitchen, then a portable ice maker is good enough to keep your entertained. But, if you live alone and like to cook, or you have a family, then you must have a fridge in your kitchen.

The second advantage of portable ice maker is that it can make a lot of ice in quite short time. Generally, most products of portable ice maker can produce about 26 to 35 lbs. of ice per day. For the first batch of ice, some products can even make it within 10 minutes of turning on the machine. For the average, those machines take about 12 minutes a batch.

The last clear advantage of portable ice maker is the fact that the machines require less energy, thus making them more cost effective. Since you will be using it only when you need ice, there is no reason to keep the machine on all the time. Furthermore, the machines produce ice quite fast. In only 30 minutes, you will have more than enough cold ice for everybody.

Above is a brief look into portable ice maker vs. refrigerator. When you’ve had your fridge, ready to have your own portable ice maker now?

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