Tips for Using Your Camping Stove

When you are going for a camping, the thing comes in your mind is your food. Then how you will make your food in outdoor? The best thing is for that is a stove. Now, the question is which stove is better for you and why? Here are a few tips which help you to pick a right choice. If you are carrying a propane tank, always first turn off the propane tank and let the flame die. If you first turn off the stove and then the propane tank, some gas may be in your burner left. Put your stove in a safe place when you are traveling.

Take more than one camping stove for best and fast cooking, the requirement of stove is depends upon the group members if your group is small then you can bring one burner stove, but if your group is large then bring two burner stove for easy cooking. Take a wind resistance stove, which is best for camping because maybe you don’t have shelter there for making food.

General tips for using camping stove.

  • Check your stove before going for a camp.
  • Don’t use your stove near the dry leaves or wood it can may burn.
  • Use your stove in outside.
  • Take ample fuel for your stove.
  • Avoid buying gallon size canister fuel or gas.
  • Always use new gas stove.
  • Bring only instant ready food material.
  • Protect your stove by fast blowing wind.
  • Make a shelter around your stove which help to burn stove properly.
  • Container should be flat in bottom which can easily fit on your stove.
  • Don’t let your stove alone burning
  • Always bring a fire resistant tank while you are using your stove.
  • Check your fire resistant tank before bring it.
  • After cook let your stove cool, don’t put it in your vehicle just after cooking
  • Close your stove properly after use.

Best keys for remember before using your stove:

Here are some check list point which you should remember before using your camping stove.

  • Check your stove before going for camp.
  • Is it working properly or not?
  • Check your stove fuel tank.
  • If possible don’t carry full tank stove, take fuel in another tank.
  • Check your stove burner, is it ok or not?
  • Always use ISI mark stove.
  • Bring fire resistant tank.
  • Always use light weight stove, it is easy to carry.

I hope all this tip will help you for your best camping experience and safe camping. Learn instructions before using your camping stove. It will tell you the safe and right way of using camping stove.

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