What Do You Know About The Night Vision Device?

Do you believe that there is a device which it can help people can see things which they are in the dark or the night without the moon? Actually, I also do not think that this device is existing in our lives. And it is really new with many people, however, it is very familiar with those who work often in the darkness or the night such as hunters, campers, the criminal police…In this article, I want to introduce to the night vision scope. I hope you will know more information about this tool. Maybe in the next time, you will use it because it has a lot of functions.

Night Vision Scope
Night Vision Scope

Basic works of the night vision device

The night vision scope is one of the electronic devices to support the viewing in near darkness or amplifying the available light. Many people will think that this device is the same with the telescopes and the binoculars but it is very different. Because its night vision does not use for the magnification of the far object it is the most basic difference.

In addition, most of the night vision devices include the Infra-Red Illuminator (is abbreviated by IR) is set on the inside which it will work as a night vision flashlight and provides the additional light. That is the reason why you can see some things in the dark.

Moreover, there is also a small red dot which it appears on the front of the night vision device when the Infra-Red Illumination is in ON mode. Thus, you should not worry that this device has an error of the design.

The necessary things to know about the night vision device

In my opinion, you want to buy any electronic equipment you really need the necessary experience about that product. Because this will help you select in the right way and it is also suitable for its price. However, you will meet very difficult to buy a night vision device because this device is not popular for many people.

Please do not worry about this. Here are some necessary things to know about the night vision scope. I make sure you will get more information about this product and they are also a key to helping you open your difficulty. They include:

  • Firstly, you must know that all night vision devices can amplify the current lights so we can see in the dark conditions or too dark which our eyes cannot see.
  • There are some kinds of the night vision device such as night vision goggles, monoculars, and binoculars for the customers’s choice. The features of these night vision scopes are the amplification of the light through the objective lens and then it will be focused on the intensifiers of the image.
  • Then, inside the intensifier, there is a photocathode which it is stimulated by the light. This will create the transformation of the photon energy into the electrons.
  • After that, all electrons will speed up through the electrostatics inside and this continues to strike the phosphor screen and emit an image which we can see even in the dark.

The difference of the night vision device generations

The generation I

The night vision scope of this generation is to use the intensifier tube to amplify the light in the surrounding environment. To make this, it must speed up the electrons and strike a phosphor surface.

The generation II

In this generation, it is different from the generation I. Gen. II of night vision device has a Gallium Arsenide photocathode. This will increase the speed of the electrons as well as the striking a phosphor surface significantly. Therefore, Gen. II will have the better quality.

The generation III

The Gen. III has more a Gallium Arsenide photocathode which they can create more photoelectrons than the generation II.

The generation IV

Generation IV is the most modern. And it is provided by ATN.
Thus, all generations of night vision scopes are constantly upgraded to create the optimum products for users. However, the price will be increased. That is the reason which many people must think more before they give the final decision to buy the night vision scope.

According to the reviews of many people, most of them like to choose the night vision device of Gen. I with two main causes:

  • It has the suitable price;
  • Its quality is also enough for some common activities such as fishing, boating, camping, going to picnic for overnight…


In short, the night vision scopes are also necessary for human activities. It is the convenient product to help you can see things in the dark which your eyes cannot see. Although its price is so expensive it also has a lot of benefits and you should consider this element. Besides, the night vision products also have a lot of generations for your choices. You can choose an appropriate one with your needs. I hope this device will become more popular in our life and this article will also provide the valuable knowledge about the night vision scope.

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